If you're wondering whether your company's YouTube channel could be getting better results, the answer is yes!

And I can help: I've gotten over 100 million views on YouTube and helped dozens of channels grow.

What's a YouTube audit?

A 15-minute video where I review your company's YouTube channel and give you specific, personalized recommendations on how to grow it.

  • Titles and thumbnails
  • Content strategy &┬átopic selection
  • Review of at least one video's script & editing
  • Delivered to you on a private landing page within 5 business days
Book your YouTube audit now

You will get charged as soon as you submit payment.

After payment goes though, you'll go to a form where you can enter in the details of your channel.

Why are you so focused on getting more views?

Because everything else is downstream of views. It's the top of the funnel: more views equals more leads, conversions, and every other business metric.

Can you help us implement your suggestions?

Absolutely! Just email me via the contact form in the menu.

What's your refund policy?

If you try my suggestions and they don't help I'll refund you upon request, no questions asked.