The reality is that being good at what you do isn't enough. You also need to be VISIBLE!

And when it comes to B2B, there's no better place to do that than LinkedIn. It's by far the highest-value audience of any social platform, and you don't need a big following to get great results.

And honestly... I love the culture. It's full of cool, smart people who are there to do business.

Together you and I will:
  • Define your personal and business goals
  • Properly position yourself: Who is your ideal audience, and how are you different from everyone else in your niche?
  • Optimize your profile (headline, banner, featured links, about section, etc)
  • Have fun creating a simple but flexible content strategy: 3-5 types of repeatable content categories that you can draw from
  • Gameplan how you can take full advantage of video, carousels, graphics and other formats that the algorithm loves
  • Create 2 weeks of content together, and review the results so you have clarity on what's working and why
Example: Profile optimization guidelines
Let's do this!

After paying, you'll be able to book your first call. I'm usually able to start within a week, oftentimes sooner.

The process takes 4-6 weeks, depending mostly on your availability for our calls.